Welcome to printing system PRISMA

This is the homepage for the printing system at Chalmers. Almost every printouts at Chalmers are sent via this server.

Check your status before buying more PQ!!! [link]


2020-09-29 The final countdown

Printserver PRISMA has today been up 2070 days since last reboot, which is amazing, that is almost 6 years of continus uptime

But now the days are counted. Later this autumn we will replace PRISMA with a new print server named PaperCut.

To make the transition easier we will stop sell physical PQ value cards at October 2, only webshop can be used.


We have now opened a new webshop for print quota.

There is one thing that does not work yet: sending quota via e-mail.
Don't try to use that feature.

Send any bug-report to: support AT chalmers.se

Click here to access the new webshop: new webshop


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed. Opens again around 2018-04-10. (see news dated 2008-12-17 for more info)


A FAQ (swedish only) is available


Please note that new accounts are created AFTER trying the first printout.
If quota are zero, please make a test printout BEFORE reporting an error in the accounting.

Other problems?

If you have problems; Send an email to support at chalmers.se


Menu description

My transactions / Logon

Here you find your current balance and detailed information about your printouts

Prices and terms

What does it cost and how to buy more quota? How handle faulty printouts?

Activate value-code

If you've bought a value code, you use this link to activate it for use at printers OR copiers (NOTE: Different systems!)

Cost approximation

Here you can test what it cost to print a file on a particular printer (it will NOT be printed, only calculated for the cost).

The actual cost can only be found out by printing it in reality.

Documentation and info

Information about this printerserver and howtos for conncting to this service from your own computer.

Printers in the system

List of printers in this system

Printer names

Why the printers are named as they are.

På Svenska

Our swedish pages. The main language is swedish and the most of the material here is in swedish