Welcome to printing system PRISMA

This is the homepage for the printing system at Chalmers. Almost every printouts at Chalmers are sent via this server.

Check your status before buying more PQ!!! [link]



CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed. Opens again around 2018-04-10. (see news dated 2008-12-17 for more info)


OPEN! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) has opened again.


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed. Opens again around 2017-04-10. (see news dated 2008-12-17 for more info)


OPEN! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) has opened again.


A FAQ (swedish only) is available

2015-12-08 (really 2015-11)

When a printer has paper jam or otherwise has problem with a print job, an email is sent to the user.

When a user is (almost) out of printer quota, the system looks at both terminPQ and private pq before sending a warning email. In this email the current account status is shown.

TerminsPQ is given at first printout every semester.

The web page upload of preformatted files for printing shows only current printers


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed. Opens again around 2016-04-10. (see news dated 2008-12-17 for more info)

The free semester printquota are now delivered at the first printout at the current semester. Note: No printouts during a semester == no free quota for this semester.


Now we raise the price of vouchers for printing and copy. The increase is because we now have to charge 25% VAT instead of the previous 6%. The new prices will be
25 SEK for 40 PQ
125 SEK 275 PQ
300 SEK 700 PQ
All students will as previously get 250 free printerquota at the start of semester.


OPEN! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) has opened again.


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed. Opens again 2015-03-25


New structure in the account databse. The change is nearly invisible, but can be seen via 'My transactions'. The new structue makes it easier to let students doing their master thesis use printers at the department without having to pay by their own PQ.


OPEN! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) has opened again.

2012-12-07 (should be 2012-11-07)

Duplex discount is now included in price. (more info)


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed. Opens again 2013-03-20


Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) will close soon (in a week or so)


The print system is now upgraded. If there is any problems left, plase report them to support@chalmers.se


OPEN! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) has opened again.


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed. Opens again 2012-03-20


New date for autumn quota will be August 15 (each year). We estimate that our PQ-Webshop will have sold out around beginning of December

If you change from student to employed (or the reverse) please contact Servicedesk so we can adjust your account type


OPEN! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) has opened again.


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have closed temporarily.


These pages are now also accessible from outside campus. Now you can check your quota status from home.


It seems like some valuecodes are broken and these will be reported as already used. We think it can be less than 5 of these. If this happens for you, send an email to support@chalmers.se with CID, valuecardnumber and code on row 3.


OPEN! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) have reopened, it is now 1 year since we originally opened it! Hopefully it will continue to work until december.


CLOSED! Our PQ-Webshop (electronic value codes) has been closed - We can no longer sell value vouchers to credit cards because we've reached the limit of transaction value per year. We are looking for a new provider of this service.


If you can't print - printouts just disappears without trace or error messages; Try to de-install them and then re-install the printer. Many printers have got updated printer drivers, but it seems like these have not been automatically updated on all user accounts.


The printserver will get a new machine. Some clients (Linux/Mac) may need to be reconfigured. Printing info page. Windows Vista will be supported. Kerberos are required


We will soon begin to delete older transaction information (according to swedish law (PUL)). You will then only be able to see printouts for the last 6-12 months


Please note that new accounts are created AFTER trying the first printout.
If quota are zero, please make a test printout BEFORE reporting an error in the accounting.


The information on these pages has been rearranged and it will hopefully be more easy to find the correct information. As the furthermost change, we have tried to do the navigation menu at the top better.


If you get a message that it did not work to activate your value code or that the code is already used; Please check your quota before report it

This error mssages are often (quite often) caused by pressing the submit button twice, thus trying to register the value code twice.


If you've got one or more transaction of -10000 these are put there to STOP youfrom doing any printouts.

Contact your studycenter or personellperson - in these cases you lack the registration as a student or employee, and have therefore been closed down.


Printsystem now uses data from Chalmers central databas oven persons connected to Chalmers (PDB). If you are not registerd you may be denied to printout.

If you are your own admin on your computer it is very important to follow the instruction about Kerberos and username.

Other problems?

If you have problems; Send an email to support at chalmers.se


Menu description

My transactions / Logon

Here you find your current balance and detailed information about your printouts

Prices and terms

What does it cost and how to buy more quota? How handle faulty printouts?

Activate value-code

If you've bought a value code, you use this link to activate it for use at printers OR copiers (NOTE: Different systems!)

Cost approximation

Here you can test what it cost to print a file on a particular printer (it will NOT be printed, only calculated for the cost).

The actual cost can only be found out by printing it in reality.

Documentation and info

Information about this printerserver and howtos for conncting to this service from your own computer.

Printers in the system

List of printers in this system

Printer names

Why the printers are named as they are.

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Our swedish pages. The main language is swedish and the most of the material here is in swedish